Open Automation for Water


December 2013

Revision History
Revision 1May 2014
Monitoring and Controlling of Bioreactors with Tcl/Tk and Arduino
Revision 2March 2016
System for Experiments Control

Table of Contents

1. Suggestions are welcome!
2. Objective
3. Motivation
4. Open Automation for Water
5. Respirometer with Finite State Machine (FSM), Tcl/Tk and Arduino
5.1. Automated Process Control (Urbano, Luque e Gómez-Nieto,2004)
5.2. Implementation of the control module objcont.tcl
5.3. Arduino
5.4. Disconnection and Reconnection of USB Ports
5.5. Download
5.6. Acknowledgements
6. System for Experiments Control
6.1. General Features of the System for Experiments Control
6.2. Organizing the File System
6.3. Instkont - Instrument control server (Monitoring Server)
7. Klorauto - System for Automated Chlorination
A. Dictionaries in Tcl
A.1. Storing raw Tcl values
B. TCP sockets with Tcl
B.1. Using TCP sockets
B.1.1. Server socket
B.1.2. Client socket
B.1.3. Using nonblocking sockets

1. Suggestions are welcome!

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